Want to Get a Head Start on the Weekend?

We all love a winter weekend getaway. Cozying up by the fire and watching the snow fall in upstate Maine is paradise. Or heading to the beach at Fort Lauderdale to escape the cold feels even better!
But what if you aren’t sure if your budget will allow for one of those costly Friday night flights? Or maybe you aren’t sure when you’ll finish up the last few projects at work while your with your wonderful, but distracting, friends on the trip.

Luckily, apps like Upflex offer a chance to find an ideal environment on the road to be productive. When travelers want to take advantage of a great flight deal or weekend special, they can skip town early. Then, they can use the time once they arrive to finish up their projects away from the office.

Plenty of Perks for Flexibility

Fundamentally, Change of routine and environment can lead to greater productivity. Having a clear head before vacation may offer you less stress and more things checked off your to-do list.
Not to mention, traveling is good for the soul and your mental health. Things that cause anxiety at work melt away if you can take extra trips due to remote opportunities.

Man in an armchair working on computer, in a log cabin.

Save Transport Time and Save Mad Money

The biggest impact to utilizing a platform like Upflex is enhancing your efficiency. People who can skip town early can avoid things like traffic and increased flight costs.
For instance, more than 51 million people drive somewhere for Thanksgiving. If travelers avoid the biggest headache days, more time can be spent relaxing.
The same goes for flying. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days to book flights – most likely because it’s least convenient. But, fly out Wednesday, book a quality workspace Thursday, and then have a few blissful days to unwind.
Being smart about your weekend getaways is a win-win situation for you and your employer.