Flexible Organizations,
Happy People

Upflex is the flexibility benefit for your teams. Make your employees happy, engaged, and productive while reducing your costs by adding a layer of flexibility to your organization.

How it Works

Step 1

Employers upload teams and define how often their employees can work remotely and flexibly using Upflex.

Step 2

Employees can book any workspace on the Upflex Network using our app & the time used is paid for by the employer.

Step 3

When your employees work remotely or need a workspace while traveling, they can have a productive experience.

The Flexibility Benefit for Employees

Worldwide Access

The largest international coworking network for enterprise clients.

Simple Management

Provide managers complete oversight to measure and optimize productivity.

Easy-to-Use App

One app for your employees to book spaces anywhere in the world.

Predictable Pricing

Only pay for hours used, with no hidden fees.

One Solution For Everyone

Long Commuters

Reduce their commute while keeping them in productive workspaces

Remote Employees

Eliminate the distraction & loneliness that come from working at home

Biz Travelers

Provide workspaces more productive than the hotel room or noisy coffee shop

Innovation Teams

Access spaces where the most innovative technologies are born

Ready to Learn More?

Let us show you how forward-thinking companies are leveraging coworking as their flexible option.